Andrew was saved at home on October 30, 1983, as a 6 year old boy, in Columbia, Missouri, where his family was living as his dad was helping another man start a church. One of his earliest memories, and for certain his first memory after having trusted Jesus as his Saviour, was that he wanted to run down the street to where his Sunday school teacher lived and tell her that he had trusted Christ. Because it was 11:30 at night, his parents wouldn’t let him go tell her until the next day. However, from that day to this, he has had an insatiable desire to continue to tell everybody about salvation.

Andrew says that one of the greatest decisions he’s ever made was to marry the gal that God prepared for him. In the spring of 1998, at church, he met a family with 12 children, 8 of whom were girls. In his ‘humble’ opinion, the best of them was naturally the ‘second’ daughter. Melissa, the daughter of David and Bette Owens had been praying for years for God to lead the man who would become her husband someday, to her. When their family moved to the area and joined his church later that year, it was only a matter of months before it was obviously apparent to both of them and to their parents that this was a union that God had planned.

Melissa also grew up in a Baptist home, as her parents served the Lord in various capacities. Her Dad pastors today in California. As a very young child she expressed an interest in salvation but in later years she was having some misgivings. At the age of 15, at a revival meeting held in her church, she went forward and her mom led her to Jesus Christ at the altar.

In the fall of 1999, Andrew and Melissa were married. God has blessed them since, with eight children who excitedly serve right alongside them in the ministry.

Through the years, God has allowed the Logues the privilege to have served under, worked for, and learned from, some of the most influential church builders of our generation. They are looking forward to the great things God has planned for their future as they plant Independent Baptist Churches in the Tidewater Region of VIRGINIA.

Wedding Anniversary  –  10 September


  • Andrew SR.  –  17 September

  • Melissa  –  9 January

  • Andrew II  –  31 December

  • Timothy  –  30 May

  • James  –  27 October

  • Stephanie  –  28 May

  • Peter  –  6 March

  • Joel  –  17 July

  • Jared  –  26 March

  • Titus  –  17 March