Latest update, 11 September, 2018 0630

In anticipation of Hurricane Florence, the governor has just placed mandatory evacuation upon the area in which we live starting the 11th at 8:00 a.m. (I’m a stay-er not a run-er so I wouldn’t move an inch but… grrrrr!) Anyway, our house is in one of the expected most critically affected areas. Our family is working even now on preparing our house so that we may evacuate in a timely fashion. We are moving our vehicles and necessary belongings to the church building, which is higher ground and a bit further west of the coast, where we plan to be able to still have church on our regular schedule [I don’t cancel.(read period)] and remain safely in the mean times as well as be readily positioned to help others as needed while incurring the least liability. Please pray that we will have opportunity to point souls to the Saviour through the storm.

On the Sunday of Labour Day we had 53 in attendance, 2 of whom were first-time visitors! (And this with one of our most faithful families still in Arizona a couple more weeks for the Coast Guard!)

At Saturday soulwinning we’ve had steady attendance throughout the past month and got to see 4 trust Christ just this last Saturday.

The last four Sundays, one of our young men and our oldest son have taken it upon themselves to go soulwinning throughout the afternoon. Through this they have seen folks saved and some people come to church as a result as well.

God has been so good to us.
Thanks to each of you for your faithful support. Please keep the members of our church in prayer over the next few days of the storm that is approaching.

Pastor Andrew Logue and family.

"…I will build my church…" Matthew 16:18

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